Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Brewers Scars

So I had a brewing friend over to make a 2 batches of beer last Sunday, an Imperial White Ale and an Imperial Oatmeal Stout.  

He arrived around five o'clock with a silly red ceramic pot to boil his wort in (it was ridiculously small when compared to my stainless steel pot), which I quickly made fun of.

This was the plan:

-I was to make an amped up version of my white ale (non-traditional, not a wit-ale made with wheat).  It was intended to be a lite beer with around 7.3% alcohol by volume (my original recipe landed somewhere around 4.5% and was wicked good!), not too heavy on the hops and with a hint of citrus flavors.  *Everything fit in my beautiful stainless steel pot with room to spare!*

-My buddy was going to make an Imperial Oatmeal Stout - TOTALLY NEW TO BOTH OF US - which we hope to be very heavy in body, with a good deal of hoppiness, and with a desirably creamy texture.  *All of the ingredients for this beer barely squeezed into the dumb red pot*

After kicking things off and finally getting our worts to a boil, we went into the living room to watch some TV and kick back a few.  We keep alternating to check on the brews and ensure no over-boiling, when about 30 mins in (and about 6 beers deep) it was my turn...

...I head into the kitchen and check my white ale - looks great!  I give it a stir and replace the lid...
...Looking down at the stupid red ceramic pot I am overwhelmed with a bad premonition.  I remove the lid and find a black, viscous goo boiling away (like tar).  I lean in to give it a stir and *pop* a bubble explodes in my face and burns the skin right off of my forehead!

Well, I quickly turn the temperature down and polish off a few more to dull the pain.  My buddy and I successfully fill out fermenters without anymore painful woe and I pass out.

So yesterday I woke with the most ridiculous pain on my forehead.  I text my buddy to remind him of how dumb his tiny red pot is, and he suggested I share my story in a blog.

HOPE YOU ENJOY - Here's a picture of my wounds lol.
Keep posted for updates on the two beers and possible recipes!

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