Friday, June 12, 2009

Dundee Beer Part 2: Pale Bock Lager

Alright, the next beer that caught my eye in this 6 variety mix pack was the Pale Bock (6.2% ABV).  So what do I do? Crack one open and pour myself a tall glass.  Again, on the 20 pt scale, here's what I thought of this lager...

Appearance (3) - The beer is a dark golden color with very faint amber hues.  Now, while this may be a beer dubbed 'Pale Bock' I was not expecting something this light (Not the best first impression).  Now while the head retention was okay, I also expected the head to be thick and was not.

Aroma (4) - Big malt aroma...but again hops? A traditional roasted smell? I can't find them...

Taste (10) - The balance of the good deal of malt is matched pretty well by a mild hop flavor and a good deal of bitterness.  Definitely works well. (4/4)
-Mild, slightly bitter flavors in the aftertaste.  But there's something else that doesn't taste so good...faint metalic tastes (irony). (2/3)
-Medium bodied...a little lighter than desired, but I won't nit-pick.  Good carbonization. (3/3)
-Overall it tasted pretty good (9/10)

Overall Impression (3) - This beer bent the rules of the traditional bock...but it tastes pretty damn good.  Again, I would expect some stronger hop aromas and roasted tastes/smell though. (2/3)

SCORE - 16/20 - Very Good Beer.

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