Friday, June 12, 2009

Dundee Beer Part 3: American Style Hefeweizen

Beer numero tres - Dundee's Wheat Beer (4.2% ABV).  Here's my opinion on it...

Appearance (3) - Well the typical Hefeweizen is labeled 'unfiltered' and what do you know? This one is too! BUT this beer isn't very cloudy at all! In fact it's pretty damn clear!  Outside that, color is a dark gold, and head retention is mediocre, and spotty. (1/3)

Aroma (4) - I can't smell much...(2/4)

Taste (10) - Good honest balance of hops and malt...but only because I can't taste much of either.  There may be some other lingering citrus flavors.  Pleasantly hoppier than expected though. (3/4)
-Aftertaste is almost non-existent, this beer is very clean...I like that I don't get anything nasty, but I'm also kind of disappointed...(2/3)
-Pretty light bodied, decent carbonation...I wish that it were a little heavier and not so watery. (1/3)
-All in all, taste is clean and refreshing.  Very drinkable. But, it's not what I wanted or expected from a wheat beer. (6/10)

Overall Impression (3) - Again, I was disappointed by the appearance, lack of aroma, and watery taste.  However, I will admit that this beer does have some good underlying flavors and a nice level of hops.  It is also very clean and drinkable. (2/3)

SCORE - 11/20 Mediocre beer...

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